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Latest News >>> US Presidential Candidate and former ICO-enthusiast, John McAfee, has declared a ‘hard date’ for a bitcoin price of $1 million. This followed a prediction of “$1 million… someday” by Jesse Lund, vice…      >>> Twitter Facebook reddit Pinterest Hacker News LinkedIn Tumblr Google+ VKontakte Hello, Everyone! Hope everyone had an incredible time hacking at ETHDenver this past weekend! The event was an…      >>> The Dow and U.S. stock market rebounded sharply on Friday, as President Donald Trump prepared to greet China’s top trade negotiator following a week of negotiations in Washington. Dow Roars Back to…      >>> Profit without the usual trading chaos as a social trader We all have to start somewhere, and trading is not an exception. Nevertheless, amateur traders with little to no previous trading experience…      

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22 hours ago

Bitcoin Will Hit $1 Million, Says IBM’s VP of Blockchain Jesse Lund

The VP of blockchain and digital currencies for IBM, Jesse Lund, has said that he expects Bitcoin to hit $1 million eventually.

1 day ago

Samsung Launches Galaxy Series Preloaded With Cryptocurrency Wallet

Crypto enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the new Galaxy comes with the company’s proprietary Samsung Knox security system which stores private keys.

20 hours ago

‘Bitcoin Killer’ Onecoin Is Ashes But Investigations Continue to This Day

Back in 2014, a group led by a woman named Ruja Ignatova created a Ponzi scheme called Onecoin and the organization defrauded 3 million people worldwide.

1 day ago

10 Reasons Bitcoin Will Party Like 2017 for a Massive Bull Run in 2019

Many are wondering if we're seeing the beginning of a 2019 Bitcoin bull run. After a bloody 2018 for the world's first and most highly valued cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is starting off 2019 with some…

1 day ago

‘Samsung Blockchain Wallet’ Will Tutor You to Store Your Bitcoin, Ethereum on Galaxy S10

The phrase “crypto wallet” has not been used during the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Fold at the electronics giant’s high-profile presentation in San Francisco on February 20. Instead, the…


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