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Latest News >>> An R&D lab at crypto startup TenX has tested the use of its cross-blockchain interoperability protocol to transfer ERC20 tokens for Bitcoin (BTC) using the Lightning Network (LN). The news was…      >>>      >>> An R&D lab at crypto startup TenX has demoed the use of its cross-blockchain protocol to transfer ERC20 tokens for Bitcoin (BTC) using the LN.      >>> Justin Sun is Confident that Bit Torrent and TRON Dapps Will Bring the Next Bull Run to the Crypto Market The cryptocurrency market is dipping heavily, starting from mid-November and continuing…      
Crypto Invest Summit Partners With Litecoin Foundation

Los Angeles based Crypto Invest Summit recently announced they have partnered with the Litecoin Foundation for their upcoming Spring event April 8th-10th 2019 at the LA Convention Center. One of the largest Cryptocurrency conferences in the United States, Crypto Invest Summit is attended by developers, entrepreneurs, investors ranging from institutions to retail level, exchanges, broker dealers, and members of the media. With two solid events under their belt in 2018, the next CIS looks to be even better!

HTC Launches Blockchain Smartphone Exodus 1

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has released their venture into blockchain focused smart phones with their new Exodus1, a move that sees the company pivot towards a privacy focus in a bid to maintain relevance. The phone runs on Android and will come equipped with HTC’s newly developed native Zion wallet. It uses a secluded area on the phones chip which runs in parallel to the Android OS, effectively rendering the phone a hardware wallet.

Support Now Resistance For Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls At $3600

Bitcoin continues it’s year long slide from all time highs, finally having broken the long-term trend line that has served as support over the last 48 months. BTC Bulls were able to defend the $6000 price range for several months before finally losing out to the bears relentless selling pressure on November 14th.

MonarchPay To Debut, Wallet Adding Fiat Pairs

The Monarch team is proud to announce the wallet will officially include a USD pairing before the end of 2018. The wallet will allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from within the wallet using a bank account or credit card. This is a strong competitive advantage for the Monarch wallet, which already supports BTC, XLM, XRP, and every ERC20 token.

Stellar Completes 100% Retracement From November

Amidst the bear market a few projects have managed to retain their value as prices continue to plummet. One that has remained resilient nearly the entirety of 2018 is Stellar Lumens (XLM). Stellar has performed well over 2018, overtaking BCH, EOS, and LTC to currently hold the #4 spot in overall market cap. While many projects have stumbled in their development, struggling with scalability concerns or financial woes, Stellar has been full steam ahead making partnerships with major players such as IBM, Deloitte, and Stripe.

Binance Drops DEX Preview!

The Binance team has unleashed a preview of their new distributed exchange, to be launched on their forthcoming Binance Chain. The DEX will feature BNB as the native token, and the interface will feel similar to users already familiar with Binance, with a few notable changes.

Bitcoin Threatens To Break Long Term Support

As the bear market weathers on, many traders have been wildly speculating on the direction that Bitcoin (BTC) will head in the near future. Technical Analysis reveals that bitcoin has fallen to test the long term support previously held since around August 2015. Volume overall has steadily been decreasing since the run up that began March of 2017, with a steep increase in bearish volume since the beginning of November this year.

Was $4K The Bottom? Long Term Technical Analysis.

This is the best fit trend line we’ve created and held for the last 2 bull cycles and bear markets.
It’d be wise to watch a close above the trend line on higher time frames and ensure we’ve respected it rather than FOMO in because you think $4k was the bottom and then we get rejected by the trend line at $4,300/$4,400 and we fall back down again.

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