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Latest News >>> Mike Novogratz is a now a name beyond the mainstream finance, and perhaps among the only consistent voices speaking in favor of bitcoin.      >>> Anger continues to engulf cryptocurrency trading platform Cubits after executives suddenly announced the company was bankrupt, blocking all user funds. Cubits Owner: Funds Recovery ‘Unsuccessful’ In a…      >>> Photo: Bitcoin SV / Twitter Key Highlights: Bitcoin SV price may hit $92 price level; the Bulls are taking over BSV market gradually; the Bears may lose the momentum. BSV/USD Price Medium-term Trend:…      >>>      
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Learn With Amol

Bitcoin Technical Analysis can be difficult if you’ve never conducted any, and especially when in a bear market. Fundamental Analysis can help set aside emotions and help you understand where price action and movement in the markets might occur. It is not however, the only factor to take into consideration when interpreting an asset’s potential future value.

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