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IOStoken (IOST)

  • Ticker IOST
  • Price $0.008241
  • Marketcap $99,006,676
  • RSI Daily 71
  • %Change(24hr) 5.97%
  • Volume(24hr) $6,234,776
  • Circulating Supply 12,013,965,609
  • RSI Hourly 58
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1 week ago

IOST (Internet of Services Token)

Everything You Need to Know about IOST: Proof of Believability. Scalability without Centralization. Easy Development. Servi Nodes. Mainnet Launch February 25. This is a rewrite of an article authored…

3 weeks ago

Rate3 Progress Update #16 (JANUARY) – Official Rate3 – Medium

One month into 2019 and we’re off to a great start! Since our last monthly update where we announced our SGDR beta launch, we’ve become a validator node for IOST’s Global Partner Program, deep-dived…

1 month ago

Rate3’s Strategic Partnership with IOST

Today, we mark a key milestone in Rate3’s development history with a detailed walkthrough of our strategic partnership with IOST. IOST is an ultra-high TPS blockchain infrastructure, designed to meet…

2 months ago

IOST Launches The First Ever Non-DPOS Node Election, And Ebang Reports Significant Drop In Profits

The market is in green once again, adding nearly $14 Billion in the last 24 hours. While Bitcoin is up by just 2%, both Ethereum and XRP are up by more than 10% in the last 24 hours. Ethereum tested…

2 months ago

Bluehill Foundation launches $30 million fund focusing on the IOST DApp ecosystem

Today, Bluehill, a blockchain incubator, and accelerator announced the establishment of its special fund “Pioneer” with a total value of $30 million. Bluehill’s Pioneer fund will help to finance DApp…

2 months ago

IOST (Internet of Services Token)

Proof of Believability, Scalability without Centralization, Easy Development, Mainnet Launch Q1 2019We’ve mostly covered top market cap coins up to this point.RSK (on Bitcoin) and NEM. EOS and…

4 months ago

CEO of IOST: “Great Crypto Bloodbath of 2018 Has Been a Blessing in Disguise”

BTCManager recently interviewed CEO of IOST; a digital token ranked #62 by total market cap. As of October 18, 2018, IOST has a market cap of over $100 Million. Only $25.90 Lava the Original 14.5-Inch…

5 months ago

Development Updates – FTEC Foundation – Medium

Hi everybody! As always, we prepared a weekly report for you to see all important updates in the development of the First Trading Ecosystem! Twitter Facebook reddit Pinterest Hacker News LinkedIn…

6 months ago

IOST Price Analysis — Bright, savvy, and backed by the smart money

Only months old and launched without a public ICO, IOST has quickly built a respectable market cap and a sizeable community following. While its price has suffered under the cloud of the 2018 bear, it…

6 months ago

IOST Price Analysis — Bright, savvy, and backed by the smart money » Brave New Coin

The Internet of Services Token (IOST) is a top 60 digital asset that you’ve likely never heard of, but its positioning statement is a familiar one — “on a mission to execute the best blockchain in the…

7 months ago

Here are the Alt-coins Fighting Back With Impressive Gains: IOST, ZIL, BCH, EOS, TRX, ZEC and more

When Bitcoin (BTC) broke $8,000 less than 24 hours, we were a bit skeptical that the increment in value was not real, or organic, for the total crypto market capitalization was still stagnant at…

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