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Waves (WAVES)


  • Ticker WAVES
  • Price $1.04
  • Marketcap $104,067,603
  • RSI Daily 45
  • %Change(24hr) -3.38%
  • Volume(24hr) $11,990,343
  • Circulating Supply 100,000,000
  • RSI Hourly 24
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5 months ago

Tokenomica’s Waves blockchain asset exchange to use Blockpass for KYC

Tokenomica, a digital asset exchange company starting up in Malta, today has a partnership with Blockpass, a digital identity application, and service which provides a streamlined and cost-effective…

5 months ago

Why is Wise our solution to the future of blockchain

Wise has designed a solution through the WPBMN concept. This concept can ensure that this platform facilitates the ability of your users to make transactions using digital coins. While many efforts…

6 months ago

Waves node update integrates RIDE language for dApps on testnet

Waves, the custom blockchain ecosystem, today announced the release of node update 0.17 brings RIDE for dApps to testnet. RIDE is Waves’ native smart contracts programming language. RIDE for dApps is…

6 months ago

Waves announces second funding round for Vostok enterprise blockchain project

Waves Platform has announced the details of the second investment round for the Vostok project, which consists of the global Vostok blockchain platform and the Vostok system integrator for enterprise…

6 months ago

Waves launches new Waves Reward Token (WRT) » CryptoNinjas

Waves, the custom blockchain application platform, announced today the launch of the Waves Reward Token, a smart asset that the Waves community will be able to use to reward ambassadors. To…

6 months ago

Wise One Of The Most Contribution Team Toward Blockchain Project

Since its establishment in 2016, Wise’s digital platform has continued to develop its systems and technology so that it continues to adapt to the needs of its users. This platform makes a serious…

7 months ago

Canadian Sends Bitcoin (BTC) for the First Time via Radio Waves

For the first time, Bitcoin (BTC) was sent via amateur radio. Seed phrases from a brain wallet were transferred from Canada to the USA. The method is independent of the Internet but has security…

7 months ago

Russian Tech Giant, Blockchain Platform Sign Agreement to Improve Operational Systems

A subsidiary of Rostec, a Russian state-owned high-tech conglomerate, has partnered with blockchain platform Vostok, major Russian news agency Tass reports on Feb. 14. The joint agreement was signed…

7 months ago

AnChain.AI Making Waves To Lead Blockchain Ecosystem Security

Here at AnChain.AI, we’re setting up to be the world’s leading blockchain security company. We’ve made tons of progress and we’re continuously partnering with leading exchanges and DApps around the…

7 months ago

Waves World awarded $6,250 by Waves Labs for Loyalty Program

Waves World — a leading Waves node, marketplace and community hub — has been granted 2,500 WAVES (around $6,250) by Waves Labs in one of the first disbursements from the Waves Grants initiative. The…

7 months ago

Waves smart accounts and smart assets now available on Azure Marketplace

Waves, the custom blockchain application ecosystem, announced that its smart accounts and smart assets are now available to developers on Azure Marketplace in a special extension for Visual Studio…

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