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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Learn With Amol

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Bitcoin Technical Analysis can be difficult if you've never conducted any, and especially when in a bear market. Fundamental Analysis can help set aside emotions and help you understand where price action and movement in the markets might occur.  It is not however, the only factor to take into consideration when interpreting an asset's potential future value.  

So, How Can I Learn?

Amol, the lead Technical Analyst in our Advantage program, provides some fantastic insight into the current market conditions.  More importantly, he shows you how to do this in any market with any asset.  These techniques can be used whether Bitcoin is $3,000 or $20,000.  And you can use these on other assets in other markets besides cryptocurrency.  We suggest watching this video below to sharpen your existing skills, or to learn how to perform you own analysis as a beginner.  

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