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Competition- Horizen Giving Away $100 In FREE ZEN

Calling All Horizen Fans!

Horizen is celebrating the release of their new Sphere Wallet by giving away $100 in FREE ZEN to 3 lucky entrants. The contest starts December 27th 2018 and runs for 2 weeks. The Sphere application is more than just a wallet, it offers features to help users stay informed on the ZEN blockchain, run a node, as well as message and transact privately and securely. Sphere promises to be a full-service, multi-function gateway to the full Horizen blockchain ecosystem. To encourage user adoption the team has opted for a competition to give away ZEN to the community, and it's very easy to enter. 

Easy As 1-2-3

Step 1)  Download Sphere by Horizen
Step 2)  Add any amount of ZEN to your account
Step 3)  Share a screenshot of your app and tell us what you think


To read more details about competition entry, visit Horizen's Blog.

Privacy Precaution 

Horizen is focused on providing tools for users to be able to communicate and transact privately. One thing that should be noted for users who are especially concerned with privacy is entering this contest may compromise one's anonymity. Distributed Ledger Technology offers pseudo-anonymity in that user names are not frequently associated with personal information. However, with blockchain forensics becoming more and more prevalent, affiliating addresses with personal information becomes more likely. Those concerned with their anonymity may want to carefully consider whether they are willing to give up their info for a chance to win. 

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