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Security Tokens- CIS Team To Launch Security Token Summit

Security Tokens- The Future of Crypto Investing?

Security Tokens have been all the buzz in the later part of 2018. It's no secret that the ICO craze of 2017 led to a historic run up of the crypto markets. However Bitcoin's fall from its all time high of $20k left a bad taste in many investors mouths. The Bear Market of 2018 has decreased the rabid enthusiasm of 2017, as the general public has lost interest in cryptocurrency. Die-hard believers remain as interested in the technology as ever. Many believe 2019 will be the year of the security token, leaving retail investors concerned they will not be able to continue to participate in this new economic revolution. This has left a gap in knowledge that is begging to be filled, enter the Security Token Summit.

CIS Team Launching Security Token Summit

The Goren Holm Group have decided to launch a foray into the space with their newly announced Security Token Summit LLC, with their first event in Los Angeles April 8th, 2019 at the Ritz Carlton. The Goren Holm Group are producers of the Crypto Invest Summit, the largest blockchain and distributed ledger technology conference on the west coast. Security Token Summit will offer panels, fireside chats, and presentations from some of the top names in the digital securities space. Anyone operating in the space, or looking to get educated on these issues is encouraged to attend by the organizers. 

"Security Token Summit is a high-end, Security Token & Digital Securities focused event.  It will feature a robust agenda spanning a variety of themes such as custody, compliance, regulation, investing, marketing, tokenization, standards, issuance and real estate."
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Robust Speaker Lineup

The full lineup has not yet been released, but the summit already promises up to be chock-full of quality information for investors and those operating in the space alike. Securitized digital assets will offer investors a way to own a portion of various types of assets from real estate, to stock certificates and beyond. Panelists will include from broker dealers, experts on issuance and liquidity, custody and transfer agents, tokenized VC funds, and compliance officers. 

Notable speakers already announced include; 

  • 1
    David Weild IV, who is a stock market expert best known for his position as Vice Chairman of NASDAQ. He is currently the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Weild & Co. Inc. which is revolutionizing investment banking. Weild is also known as the "father" of the JOBS Act and has been involved in drafting legislation for the US Congress.
  • 2
    Jor Law, who co-founded the compliance software company, Jor serves on the board of Prime Trust and is also a consultant for prominent companies in the STO ecosystem globally, including tZERO and Polymath.
  • 3
    Ami Ben David, whose fund, SPiCE VC, is the first fully-tokenized and distributed venture capital fund.  SPiCE VC recently made history by being the first digital security traded on the blockchain.

The full speakers lineup can be seen on the website, and we were pleased to see Cryptosomniac alum Amy Wan on the presenters list. Amy is the CEO of Sagewise, and organization which offers a dispute resolution protocol for smart contracts.

We had her on the channel in November, be sure to check out the interview for more info on her project. We look forward to attending and reporting on all the talks, stay tuned to this space for all the details and updates.

Still No Security Token Exchanges

While many new projects have gone the way of the security token, or with a dual token structure like Monarch Token, there is yet to be any way for investors to obtain liquidity for these assets. While projects like Stellar, Polymath, and t0 intend to build security token trading platforms, regulations have yet to be clarified to allow the easy exchange of these assets. One thing is clear however, anyone interested in participating in this market will be required to comply with all local AML & KYC regulations. 

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