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MonarchPay To Debut, Wallet Adding Fiat Pairs

The Monarch team is proud to announce the wallet will officially include a USD pairing before the end of 2018. The wallet will allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from within the app using a bank account or credit card. This is a strong competitive advantage for the Monarch wallet, which already supports BTC, XLM, XRP, and every ERC20 token. 

Product First, Technology Focused

The Monarch Team have already built a wallet that is more robust than many currently available on the market before raising any public funds. The wallet is available for FREE now on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. In addition to the ability to buy and sell crypto from within the app the forthcoming update will include an interface overhaul for a better user experience. The wallet takes no fees for transactions in and out of the wallet, and users retain 100% control of their funds and private keys. 

“We believe in showing rather than telling people.. Download our wallet for free and see for yourself today. This is just the beginning.”

Robert Beadles, President of Monarch Blockchain Corporation
Cryptosomniac Advantage

Merchants Rejoice! MonarchPay Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

MonarchPay gives merchants a new way to accept payments for goods or services. Whether the merchant wants to gain some exposure to the crypto market or offer a wider range of options for clientele to purchase their products, MonarchPay allows users to pay in cryptocurrency while giving merchants the option to receive payment in cryptocurrency or fiat.

The Path to the Kingdom

Monarch aims to be king amongst payment solutions, looking to implement the Patent Pending recurring payment protocol by early 2019. This provides an easy way for users to pay for expenses like rent, car payments, Streaming services like Netflix or Spotify, or any other recurring payment. By issuing virtual debit cards, MonarchPay will allow payments for any goods or services whether or not the merchant chooses to accept cryptocurrency, giving users a wide range of options for payment. Monarch hopes to encourage adoption by increasing awareness of cryptocurrency via usable, secure, functional technology merchants and consumers alike can rely on.

Very few American companies can boast an active broker dealer license, yet Monarch Blockchain Corporation does just this, adhering to the highest level of regulatory compliance. Its advisory board is filled with key innovators in the blockchain space, led by the co-founder of LinkedIn, Eric Ly. 

Blockchain Pedigree

Co-founders Robert Beadles and Sneh Bhatt (CryptoBeadles and Cryptosomniac, respectively) have become popular YouTube influencers, giving market reviews and key insights since before the 2017 market run-up. Both Beadles and Bhatt have ran successful blockchain companies before launching Monarch together.

Download the White Paper to see why Monarch Blockchain Corporation is a powerhouse!

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