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Satoshi’s Timechain

​Satoshi's Timechain
So what's this blockchain?

Bitcoin enthusiasts have been relishing in the recent resurfacing of the pre-release Bitcoin source code, thanks to the twitter thread of Frances Pouliot. Among the findings is a section of notes which is intriguing for a few reasons.

Satoshi referenced a block being added to the "timechain," and not the "blockchain"- an inaccurate term coined by a bunch of crypto punks (us). It's crazy to think the most buzzworthy term in the cryptosphere, and every corporate boardroom, was never uttered or imagined by Satoshi. In fact, blockchain is never mentioned in Satoshi's whitepaper. This isn't the only time where misnomers were created.


Another interesting find is where  "coins" and "cents" describe smaller units of Bitcoin rather than "Satoshis," which is what most of us say today. However, we got one term right- "miner"- which was found in the source code but not the white paper, interestingly enough.


I'm sure Satoshi is somewhere either enjoying or cringing at the overuse of these words. Also, timechain just sounds way cooler. How did we miss that?


Unearthing certain gems, like this code, only reveal more insight into the early days of strategizing Bitcoin. Insights like "atoms" and "user reviews" being referenced in the notes indicate Satoshi had ideas for a type of node rating system. While this didn't go into effect, it allows us to fathom what the larger vision for Bitcoin was before it ever reached out ears. Pretty amazing.