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Cryptosomniac Conference Update

Pre-Conference Excitement!

Here’s where we’ll be seeking the hottest new projects, latest regulatory info, and interviewing key project heads for the channel. Read on for info on what we’re excited about, who we want to see, and how you can get discounted tickets for any of these events!

We’re planning on attending several conferences in the very near future, and are looking forward to hear many of the presenters speak. Two conferences are happening right here in our backyard in Los Angeles, and the third will happen over Halloweekend in Los Vegas. We’ve been invited as official media partners for all of them, so we have a few free tickets we’ll be giving away on the live streams. We’ll include links for discounted tickets to all of the events in the body of this report, so don’t miss your opportunity to be part of some of the biggest blockchain events in the West!

There’s sure to be some excellent information that we can’t wait to share with you all in a post-conference wrap up report, but in the meantime we’re excited to share a little info on each one in case you all are curious why we want to attend these particular events, especially if you’ve been considering making the trip for any of them.

Last year ICOs were the biggest buzz in crypto. Based on our experience in the field, we believe 2019 will be the year of the Security Token Offering, or STO. One organization has focused on these  securitized assets, and has put together quite a lineup of heavy hitters for their latest conference. We’re  interested in hearing what many of these projects are doing to ensure compliance with SEC regulations while still pushing forward blockchain technology and decentralization.  

Back in March of this year we attended the StartEngine Summit, and saw a number of excellent projects  being showcased. Blockchain Terminal, Zero Exchange, and the preeminent Howard Marks. They are  doing it again on October 19th, and this lineup is even more exciting!   We’re looking forward to keynotes from former SEC Chairman Christopher Cox, as well as the recently  announced keynote from IOHK’s Charles Hoskinson, be sure to check out Sam’s interview with him  from back in January if you missed it.  

There’s a huge lineup of speakers, a few that we are looking forward to are: Howard Marks from Start  Engine, Tory Reiss from TrustToken, Ralph Daiuto from tZERO, Timo Lehes from Swarm, David Smooke  from Hackernoon, Boris A. Reznikov from Stellar, Trevor Koverko from Polymath, and Fred Kruger from  WorkCoin & EOS Lynx.  There are so many speakers and panelists, there isn’t enough room for all the honorable mentions, but  you can take a look at their website for the full lineup at

If you’d like to attend and haven’t purchased your ticket yet, you can do so here.
Enter the promo code “CRYPTOSOMNIAC” for 30% off your ticket price.  

We’d also participated in the previous Crypto Invest Summit back in May of this year, hosting a booth  for Monarch. The event was well organized, and we saw interesting pitches from Hadera Hashgraph, the now defunct LIT by Satori, ABRA wallet, Hybrid Block’s Apolo Ohno, and of course Sneh’s pitch for  Monarch Wallet. The event was hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and had a massive  turnout. We even met a few of our audience members there, which is always a fun experience! For this upcoming October edition we’ve got another opportunity to see a fireside chat with Tim Draper,  are interested in Steve Wozniak’s current thoughts on blockchain, and look forward to hearing what  CNBC Ran Neu-Ner has to say (wink wink) for some great investment advice...

All jokes aside, this lineup  is full of crypto fund managers, exchanges, fintech companies, and blockchain innovators, this should  give us some insight on what crypto investing will look like going forward in 2019. We’re also excited to see Dan Morehead from Pantera Capital, Kyle Amour from Hadera Hashgraph, as  well as a number or presentations from the ConsenSys team. The current state and future of blockchain  investing is often nebulous, we seek to find some clarity based on what these people have experienced  recently. This should be a solid showcase of what projects funds are currently investing in, which can  give us some insight  If you want to see the full lineup of presenters you can see them all at

If you’re planning to attend and haven’t purchased your ticket yet you can do so at:

And since we’d love to meet more of you in person, you can get 10% off your ticket with this promo  code: cryptosomniac10VIP ...

The last in our itinerary will be World Crypto Con in Las Vegas from Oct 31st-Nov 2nd. This one

promises to be not only a great crypto conference, but a fun weekend of after hours events as well. Who doesn’t want to be in Vegas on Halloween?

I can tell you for sure there will be a massive gathering of crypto YouTubers attending, many of which we connected with at the Litecoin Summit last month in San Francisco. We’re looking forward to a reunion and all the fun that comes along with friends in Las Vegas...

While it’s always fun to network with other YouTubers, we’re far more excited about some of the speakers at the event. Charlie Shrem is always a polarizing figure, but an interesting perspective for certain. As a long time supporter of Civic, I’m personally looking forward to Vinny Lingham’s talk to hear what is next for them. Also interesting are Bobby Lee of the Bitcoin Foundation, the controversial Brock Pierce, industry-villain-yet-somehow-still-sweetheart Charlie Lee, and yet another appearance by the illustrious Tim Draper. We’ll be looking to connect with people from Constellation, Monero, MEW, Steem, and t0, as well as our friends at Gochain in hopes of interviewing them for the channel.

You can find us at the Monarch Booth if you want to come say hello, tickets are still available to

purchase at

You can get a $250.00 discount for your ticket with promo code: MONARCH250


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