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Flash Report- Mobius

The Advantage

F l a s h u p d a t e

Token Metrics (mobi):

Total Supply – 887,990,859

Circulating Supply – 376,657,502

market CAP: $15,182,311

Price: $0.04 – 0.00000646 btc

rank #: 324

exchanges: KuCoin, bitmart,,

stellar, gopax, OTCBTC

JUNE, 2018


The Project

Mobius was founded in 2017 by David S. Goubad and Cyrus S. Khajvandi. Mobius platform provides a suite of simple but robust application-programming interfaces (API), which are being designed to bridge the gap between the internet and the blockchain world. Their goal is to make it easier for developers to integrate the blockchain technology with everyday applications.

In other words, Mobius consists of a public bidirectional API that empowers developers with a novel process for dApps creation. The platform brings an innovative set of protocols that introduces new standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, governance and oracles.

Developers will be able to integrate the blockchain into any application, data-stream or smart device.

Mobius already have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It features a store for decentralized applications store (Mobius dApp Store) through which developers can easily deploy and offer a variety of applications.

Mobius token sale was completed in early 2018. They managed to raise $39 million, with more than 58,000 registered participants. MOBI was one of the first major tokens to be built and issued on Stellar Lumens network. MOBI tokens were sold for $0.16 during ICO and are not being traded for less than $0.05.


The Mobius API provides a universal interface, which is already compatible with ERC20 tokens

and will potentially support any blockchain token in the future. This is analogous to how uStripe provides a universal interface to accept different credit cards for online payments.

Universal Blockchain Payment Protocol

MOBI tokens may function as a login mechanism and can be used to represent membership to a service. Mobius API facilitates the process of verifying token ownership, providing several benefits, such as increased anonymity and lower transaction fees. It may also foster the creation of a secondary market, where users will be able to buy and sell their membership purchase without the need to transact over centralized financial institutions.

Universal Token Login Protocol

MOBI tokens may be used as a governance tool where token holders are able to vote on proposals and participate on the development of a certain platform or community.

Universal Governance Protocol

Mobius whitepaper presents a variety of features and use cases for their platform and MOBI tokens.

Currently, the major use case of Mobius MVP is related to micro-payments processing in the dApp Store. Mobius is creating a universal dApp Store that will be similar to the ones of Apple and Google, but with significantly lower fees. The dApp Store is already live, but some of the dApps listed are not working.

Mobius dApp Store (MVP)

Naturally, MOBI tokens will become more valuable as more people use it. dApps will be incentivized to accept MOBI tokens in order to create a network effect.

Driven by their unique PoS Oracle Protocol, Mobius will implement the so-called Smart Markets Protocol, which will enable the exchange of data and services in a secure and transparent manner. Blockchain smart markets will potentially open the door for decentralized machine-to-machine economy and may also be used for decentralized cloud services, such as file storage and cloud computing.

In the blockchain ecosystem, oracles are specialized applications that provide access to external data, feeding the blockchain with information. Basically, smart contracts perform pre-programmed tasks based on data reported to them by oracles.

Mobius Universal Proof-of-Stake Oracle Protocol (PSOP)-(Patent Pending)

Mobius PSOP will be used to encourage oracles to provide correct data and penalize oracles that provide incorrect data. Such protocol will require oracles to vest and stake MOBI tokens before inputting data into the blockchain. The ones that provide incorrect data will end up losing their vested tokens, while reliable oracles will be compensated with MOBI tokens provided by data consumers.

Mobius Smart Market Protocol (M2M micro-payments)


Mobius has a small team of 5 members and 2 advisors, which is quite concerning given the ambitious and huge project they are developing. Jed McCaleb (advisor) was one of the cofounders of Ripple and is also the co-founder of Stellar Lumens.


Public Presence

Twitter - 10,200 followers

Telegram - 11,157 members

Facebook - 1,817 likes

Medium - 1,600 followers

Reddit - 1,049 subscribers

Following on social media looks strong. However, there is a possibility that some of their followers are made up of fake accounts (which seems to be a very common practice among cryptocurrency projects).


Although Mobius website does not list any partnership, they recently announced Producers Market as a partner. According to them, Producers Market is one of the leading digital community for farmers and consumers, which currently represents farms and cooperatives in nine countries, enabling farmers to utilize blockchain technology to earn more revenue for their crops by bypassing traditional intermediaries.


Closing Thoughts

Overall, Mobius is a very interesting project with real world use cases and lots of innovation.

As previously discussed, Mobius is, basically, a Stripe-like API for blockchain access, aiming to facilitate online payments through the use of blockchain technology.

In addition to their dApp Store MVP, their roadmap also includes the development of: offchain token scaling solution, PoS Oracle protocol, smart markets protocol, decentralized cloud services and cross-chain interoperability.

The general concept is really interesting, but their project seems very ambitious given their small team. Furthermore, Mobius already faces stiff competition in the cryptocurrency space as they are not the only project working with oracles or building a dApp store. Nonetheless, if they manage to stay focused on each stage of their roadmap in order to achieve their multiple goals, then this project may be very successful.

Thanks for reading!


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